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Horse racing ranges maybe cited in yards, miles or furlongs. For instance, the famous Kentucky Thoroughbred horserace, held each May at the Churchill Downs race track in Louisville, procedures 1. Arab seafarers used regular writing a basic essay monsoon winds to establish trade routes in the indian ocean. 25 kilometers 10 furlongs or simply more than 2. What is a furlong? There is a furlong 1/8 of the kilometer. More particularly, a furlong means 200 yards (or 660 feet). One mile is equaled by five furlongs. Calculators just grow by. 125 to transform furlongs to U. Slometers. Where did the word “furlong” develop?

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“Furlong” hails from two 14th Century English words, “fuhr” (furrow) and “lang” (extended). Traditionally, a furlong represented the linear period of a single furrow. Oxen, mules or mounts could pull plows, making furrows in lands. Just one swath across one acre could be referred to as a furlong.